Pre-Beauty School, Post-Beauty School

Unlike most colleges and universities, in order to attend beauty school, you can be as young as 16 years old, and you don’t necessarily have to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. It is, however, important to remember that all states are different and may have different enrollment requirements so it is necessary to do your research.

There is often an application fee just for applying to beauty school, which needs to be paid along with your application. Once accepted to one or various beauty schools, you choose which you’d like to attend and pay the attention so you can attend when classes begin.

Upon graduating from a beauty academy, you have to become licensed in order to work in your chosen field. Therefore, dropping out and expecting to get a job as a stylist is not a possibility. You have to finish your training at a state-approved institution and then take a state-administered exam to get your license. These two things combined will get you started in a career based on your beauty school training. Depending on your chosen field (manicurist, skin care specialist, etc.) there may be different exams for you to take in order to get your license.

Most beauty school graduates are paid hourly, above minimum wage. Tips and possible commission is also to be expected as part of your income. Furthermore, the average day for a beauty school graduate in the field of hair styling, makeup administration, skin care specialist and etc. is quite busy, with jobs ranging all over the map (depending on your specialty). As a hair stylist, you may be dying hair one second to simply blow-drying the next. Each day is different, but equally as rewarding and exciting, and it is your beauty academy education that will ultimately lead to your success.

Why Addiction Is a Disease – Not a Symptom

Any person who has ever lived through addiction can tell you first hand that addiction is a serious disease that requires intensive treatment. However, there are a host of “alternative” treatment centers cropping up all across the country that postulate that this is not the case. Instead, they view addiction as merely the symptom of an underlying disease or condition, and that if the underlying condition is treated, the addiction will be cured. But while dual-diagnosis conditions are common, most of these only serve to exacerbate each other and neither actually causes the other. This is an important consideration because it is only by approaching addiction as a disease that it can be successfully treated. When treated as a symptom, relapses are inevitable.

Addiction is considered a physiological disease because it meets the same requirements as other disorders and diseases, including a great deal of terminal illnesses. This is important to note because unabated addiction is 100% fatal. The basic requirements which clearly classify addiction as a disease include:

*The symptoms are the same across many different types of substances. For instance, whether your drug of choice is cocaine or alcohol, the general symptoms are always the same

*Addiction is chronic and does not subside without treatment

*Addiction symptoms are progressive, resulting in death

*Just as other diseases surface repeatedly, addiction results in an extremely high occurrence of relapse

*Addiction and alcoholism are treatable

Addiction is typically diagnosed by a series of behaviors as opposed to physical symptoms or any type of medical testing. These behaviors can be summarized as repeated failures to control the substance abuse despite severe consequences. This means that an addict will lose control over a substance, obsess over it, and continue even when they know that there is imminent danger or risk of life-changing consequences.

Many experts believe that addicts and alcoholics are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction, and most are also in agreement that some environmental factor is usually required to trigger the initial addictive event. Once this process has begun, addiction truly becomes a neurological disease. This is because the process of developing tolerance, physical dependence and outright addiction builds neurological pathways in the brain that are permanent in nature. This means that even after a person stops using drugs or alcohol, those pathways still exist and they demand to be “fed”.

Of course, the only thing that feeds these neurological pathways is active addiction – using drugs or alcohol -after all, that’s exactly what they were built for. By the time addiction has reached this stage, the afflicted individual suffers from an uncontrollable urge to obtain and use their drug of choice. It is not an issue of free will or behavioral control; addiction is a physical, neurological disease for which there is no known cure – only treatment to manage it.

Just as a person wouldn’t treat a terminal illness at home, an addict or alcoholic should be able to expect to get help at a professional facility just as they would with any disease. The most difficult part of the disease of addiction is that an addict will almost never get help on their own because the very nature of the illness will not allow the sufferer to believe they are afflicted by it.

That’s where you come in. If you know someone who needs help for addiction or alcoholism, then please do everything that you can to help them get the right treatment as soon as possible. Their life may depend on it. You can start right here with our Florida drug rehab. For serious and fast action, use the links below now for our extremely successful residential inpatient treatment program.

Cheap Exercise Equipment – Exercise to a Healthy Body Without Costing the Earth

Exercise is probably one of the best things you can do in improve overall health and general well-being. It provides you with strength and boosts your vitality. Yes, it can sometimes require a conscious effort but the benefits of undertaking regular exercise far outweigh the disadvantages.

Being healthy and physically fit impacts all other areas of our life and simple exercises do not require a great investment either given there is a raft of cheap exercise equipment out there that you can choose from to help you maintain a fit and healthy body.

Firstly, if you really don’t want to spend any money at all, then the things you can find in your home can be utilized. The floor area in your home is a good example allowing you to sit ups or crunches. Have you considered using your walls for exercise? Pull ups can easily be employed using a sturdy door frame or how about that spare rope you have lying around in your garage? Why not try to use this to improve your endurance and use it as a skipping rope.

The possibilities are endless and you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands on expensive gym membership or indeed home equipment to keep yourself fit and healthy. You just need your creativity to kick in. Jogging and running are also cost-free alternatives.

If you want to spend a little, then head on to fitness store to check out a range of cheap exercise equipment. Utilizing exercise equipment can challenge the way you do your work out routines by providing a variation to your exercise activities. Variation is very important considering if you keep on doing repetitive activities; your body will become immune to those actions. Your body will become so attuned to those actions that it will not work hard anymore thus, preventing you from obtaining maximum results through your exercises.

One example of cheap exercise equipment is a balance ball. Exercises using a balance ball can improve strength, agility and coordination. You can also find a range of very affordable dumbbells which you can use for a more defined and tones muscles. If you are doing yoga and other exercises which require you to be on the floor almost at all times, you can find very cheap yoga mats also.

The trick here is to know where to find this cheap exercise equipment. Second-hand types of equipment are also fine as long as you are sure that the quality is still good and it is still working properly. Check the parts and try them first before purchasing. You can usually find this equipment in yard sales or even online. Speaking of online, you can always use the Internet to look for cheap exercise equipment. Many stores are offering cheap ones but with high quality in the tough economical climate and you could also check online marketplaces like eBay. Just be sure that the seller is trusted and credible enough as shown in the ratings in his or her profile.

Getting the body you want while doing the exercise you enjoy using exercise equipment need not be expensive and I hope the above has provided you with some ideas how to exercise without costing the earth.

Beauty Pageant Tips – 3 Little Known Beauty Pageant Tips to Win Beauty Pageants

There is a myth that one “look” wins beauty pageants. All you have to do is to glance at photographs of winners over the past few years in order to see the fallacy of that statement.

There is no one exact “winning look” that is guaranteed to succeed.

One of the reasons that a “special look” won&’t always win a beauty pageant is that pageants are not all the same. Each pageant has its own distinct “look” and image. The secret is to find the balance between being yourself and conveying the image of the title you hope to win

Winning the pageant means you will be representing that pageant for the next year and you must “look the part.” Understanding the pageant’s image will help you develop the most suitable look for the competition. Different pageants have different looks. You should tailor your hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe to look your best and to fit the general image of the pageant you are entering.

The image of the Miss America pageant calls for classic beauty, an elegant evening-gown look, usually mid-length or upswept hair and a wholesome figure. Contestants are generally between 5’3″ and 5’11” in height.

Miss USA contestants tend to be taller, between 5’6″ and 6’0″ in height; and the pageant calls for more of a supermodel look, gorgeous face, glamorous evening gown, long or upswept hair, sexy, busty, leggy figures.

Miss Universe is a multi-ethnic look, a classically beautiful face, oftentimes a regal look, hair worn down over the shoulders or upswept, pretty but not necessarily a voluptuous figure. Heights tend to be in the Miss America range.

In the major teen pageants it is becoming increasingly difficult to match the “wholesome” factor with today’s media-inspired “glam” look.

America’s Junior Miss and Miss Teen of America look for that girl next-door image, a pretty face, healthy body and simple, pretty evening gown look. The Miss T.E.E.N. pageant is a very similar wholesome image but with a slightly more glamorous look, a “teenage Miss America” look.

The Miss Teen USA image is probably the most glamorous of the teen pageants with a youthfully pretty look, glamorous but simpler evening gowns and a well-toned figure.

Questions & Answers:

  • “I really want to win. It would be smart to look like last year’s winner, wouldn’t it?”

Not necessarily. While you want to reflect the overall image of the pageant that you enter you don&’t want to be a “clone” of last year’s winner.

The secret is to balance the look of the pageant with your own, unique beauty. Be original, not a copy of someone else. Try to fit the image of the title you are trying to win but make sure you remain an individual and the best you that you can be.

  • “Are “Big Hair” and “White Dresses” a sure bet to win a pageant?”

While it is true that more pageant winners have worn white dresses than any other color, almost as many past winners have worn other colors as there are colors of the rainbow. Specific colors that have done very well in the winner’s circle include black, red, pink, royal blue, turquoise, lilac, metallic silver or gold, pastel blue or aqua, beige or skin tones, yellow, ivory or cream, peach, greens, and even prints and designs.

Colors that do NOT do well include brown, gray, camel, rust, mustard, olive green, navy blue, dark purple, orange and stripes. It would probably be best to stay away from those colors when selecting an evening gown. But otherwise – anything goes! Choose a color that YOU look good in.

“Big Hair” is also a feature that many pageant winners share but your haircut and style should be both the most flattering style for your face and a look appropriate for the pageant you are entering. Although there is a “winning look” for hair – feminine, natural, and flowing – it is uniquely different for each girl.

  • Should a pageant contestant get dental veneers?

Once again the answer depends on the girl and the pageant. At the national level a winning smile is absolutely one of the most important aspects of a contestant’s appearance. At the local level and in the younger age ranges it becomes less important.

High tech cosmetic dental procedures are putting the perfect smile within reach of any contestant who can afford it – but be aware that cosmetic dental procedures are a considerable financial investment.

There are some less involved and less expensive alternatives including: teeth whitening, contouring natural teeth or bonding procedures.

  • Should I try to look more elegant for a pageant, or just go with my normal look?

For the interview and rehearsal portion of the program you want to go with your own, natural, look – but be the best you that you can present. Nicely styled hair and carefully applied makeup, an appropriate interview outfit or rehearsal clothes will make a statement about you.

In the evening gown competition you want to match the image of the pageant and keep in mind that even the most wholesome family-oriented pageants expect some degree of “elegance” in the evening gown competition.