How to Craft a Child Care Logo Design for a Kindergarten?

Branding is an important part of any business and as parents are getting more and more inclined towards the quality of education that their kids are subjected to, branding strategies become even more important for newly established kindergarten schools.

A logo is the first thing that the customer will notice in your business. It wouldn’t be wrong to call your business mark the face and personality of your school. If it is creatively designed and professional looking, then that is how your business will be perceived.

So how should you design a child care logo design that portrays the true essence of your business?

Here are three important questions that you need to ask yourself in the emblem creation process:

What colors to use?

If your business is targeted towards children, then the best idea is to use bright colors for your business emblem. Use solid colors like red, green, yellow and blue in your trademark so that the image it portrays is energetic and happy. Also remember that bright colors look best on a white background.

What fonts and effects should you use?

Make sure that the lettering looks childish. But along with that, it should also be easily readable. You can also use straight fonts and place them irregularly to add an appealing touch to them.

What images would look appropriate?

Use images that are related to the business but that doesn’t mean that you use images of a school building or a cottage. Use images that indirectly reflect the business. For example, you can use an illustration of an owl with spectacles. Owls represent wisdom which makes them the perfect character to adorn a kindergarten monogram. By making your character wear glasses, you are making him appear friendly and comfortable. You can also use images of colorful handprints or cartoon characters. If you want to keep your monogram simple and sophisticated, then you can also use an illustration of a shiny, red colored apple with the school name. Try not to use images of outdoor activities as they are better suited for a lawn care logo rather than for a kindergarten.

For crafting images in your monogram, remember to use one central concept for your monogram.

One idea to come up with a design for your business is to gather a group of children and ask them to draw a kindergarten emblem. What they will draw may be a little immature but you can use the basic concepts that have been used in the design and build on that.

In conclusion, use images, fonts and colors to make your trademark look energetic, bright and attractive. Your emblem should reflect your business as a place where kids want to come happily.