Prescription Painkillers: How Addiction Begins and How to Stop It

There are many reasons why an individual may begin taking prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin; the most likely reason being an injury, post surgery or illness. Prescription painkillers are powerful opiate narcotics and while many people begin taking them for medical reasons, excessive use can quickly turn into abuse and addiction. The truth is that you can become addicted to prescription painkillers even if you have never had substance abuse.

The Prescription for Pain

In most cases, abuse or addiction begins with the physician’s prescription. Vicodin is often used to control pain after an individual has surgery, or when they are recovering from an injury or due to an illness. The problem lies in the fact that once the medical reason has passed and the drug is no longer needed, many individuals do not stop taking the drug. At this point, the person is only taking Vicodin for the euphoria they experience on the drug.

The Well Meaning Friend

Sometimes addiction begins as a result of getting the drug from a friend. For instance a friend may offer their medication when you complain of back or muscle pain. It may seem harmless; however taking Vicodin even a few times in this manner can lead to the desire to have more of the drug and can result in Vicodin abuse and addiction.

Substituting for Other Drugs

Taking Vicodin in place of another opiate is one more way in which an addiction can present itself. Often it happens that an individual wants to escape the abuse or addiction of one drug, only to discover that they are addicted to the new one. For example an individual that is addicted to Heroin or Morphine, may begin taking Vicodin as a substitute because they have more access to it and that the drug allows the same type of sensation as Morphine and Heroin.

Getting Help

Beating a Vicodin addiction may be difficult but it is not impossible. If you have tried to stop taking Vicodin on your own and you have been unsuccessful, it may be necessary for you to enter detox and a rehab treatment program. Most physicians suggest that individuals who want to detox from opiate addiction seek medical detox. IV therapy medical detox is seen as the best method of medical detox because intravenous therapy makes it possible to adjust the medication for an immediate response.

It is possible that your loved one will not be willing to admit that they have a Vicodin addiction. Showing support and encouragement to get them to agree to enter detox and a rehab treatment may not be enough, but it may be necessary to have an interventionist or liaison speak to your loved one.