How to Do Letter ‘V’ Technique For Perfect Eyes Every Time

Ever saw someone’s eye makeup and wondered just how did they do it? Eyes with an perfect ‘V’ using only two colors? It’s not as hard as you may think. What you need to create your own perfect eyes using the ‘V’ technique are:

Two coordinating colors ~ one light and one darker

The two coordinating colors are for the ‘V’ for the rest of your eyes to help make this look complete are:

A third color such as a matte white to apply under your brow line to truly open up your eyes.
One blending makeup brush
One basic makeup brush

Your mascara and don’t forget your magic lash! Together they will make your lashes really lush, long and prefect.

Now let’s starting creating your perfect eyes!

1~ Dampen your eye shadow brush slightly, now dip it into the lighter color eye shadow you have chosen, apply a light wash of this color all over the lids and all the way to the brow line.

2~ Now dip your eye shadow brush into the darker color you had chosen and draw a fuzzy line for the center of the lash line (where your pupil is when you are looking straight into the mirror) to the outer corner of your eyes. You are applying it up into the crease. (The shape should look like the letter ‘V’ turned on one end.)

3~ Take your blending brush and blend the entire eye lid to mainly erase any obvious lines but not so much that you take away the ‘V’. It the ‘V’ isn’t dark enough for you add more of the darker shade into the crease and blend it again.

4~ Take your matte white and apply it under your eye brows and blend it into the lighter color that is already there. Be careful when applying your color under your brow line, it can take away from your look if you over do it.

5~ Apply your black mascara, then your magic lash, then your black mascara. The two together will make your lashes long and lush totally finishing off this look, making your eyes totally amazing!

Note: If you must have your eyeliner, be careful because excessive eyeliner will ruin this look.
Also if you apply black eyeliner and it go all the way around your eyes, it will only make your eyes look smaller and that’s not a look you want. Again if you must have your eyeliner then only line the outer rim and don’t apply it to the inner corners. Liquid eyeliner would be the better one to use for this, being it can be applied with a light hand.

Enjoy your look and practice it till you have it down pat to the point it will only take you less than 10 minutes to get your eyes perfect every morning!